What it looks like at Ecclesia

Here’s some footage taken by our friends over at Prolifik Films of what it looks like during the service:

Scott Erickson & Robbie Seay at Ecclesia from Prolifik on Vimeo.

The Crucifixion According to Radiohead

This is a video recalling the Good Friday service I did in April 2011. It was a multi-media meditative art piece depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ while being narrated by the music of Radiohead. Using the Stations of the Cross as my narrative arch, I used a different Radiohead song for each statio as well as a video piece to coincide with it… all the while creating a live painting depicting the crucifix. This video shows the video I made as well as a taping of one of my performances.

1 Response to Video

  1. I agree that while Radiohead isn’t Christian they are haunting and spirit filled….I love that you incorporated video and your live painting! Very inspiring! Radiohead has been one of my favorite bands for eons. You continue to raise the bar for me as an artist! thanks .

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