Free artists to explore for our church communities….

Just had a few thoughts…..

The role of pastors in our churches is not to do the christian work for everyone else attending. They are their to encourage and support the community to do the work that God is calling them to do in their everyday lives.

That said, in some ways though we are freeing them up, through their pay check, to dive deep into scripture and to bring back to our corporate community things we may not have time individually to discover. They are given to us by the Almighty to spur us on in a deeper devotion to Jesus.

This year in considering my work as the artist in residence at Ecclesia Church, as I am planning out the rhythms of the year, I think in some ways my role is the same. The questions I am asking myself is:

  • What kind of insight/image/revelation can I bring to the community since I am freed in some sense to do the same thing as Chris is?
  • What kind of art does our community need to see to grow in their devotion to Jesus?
  • Where do we need to grow as a community and how can creativity help us get there?
  • What kind is the Spirit stirring in me to bring forth?

So… that’s what I’m going to be working on this year.

I think one of the biggest failures of the Church in respect to hiring artists is that they’ve taken all the creative potential that artists have and solely directed it towards making commercials for the institution’s programs. I think all creatives hired by churches should be commissioned to spend a quarter of their time bringing goodness into the world. What do I mean by that? That if you make films, then a quarter of your time should be spend making a film for the goodness of our culture. Or make a promo piece for a great local non-profit that doesn’t have the budget for one.  Something that is a blessing to the world in which we live in… instead of always keeping things for “in house” purposes.

I think that would do something…… something wonderful.


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2 Responses to Free artists to explore for our church communities….

  1. sarah Beard says:

    Scott, I Love this. That is all

  2. Wayne Park says:

    right on Scott… you continue to inspire.

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