11/20 – Gratitude

Speaker: Gideon Tsang    Scripture: Psalm 107

listen to podcast

Gid gave one of his best talks i’ve ever heard or witnessed. So great. If you need to be reminded of Gratitude, this is the talk for you.

One of the passages in psalm 107 talks about sailors being saved from the waves at sea. This is where my inspiration for the imagery came from. And i admittingly used a kind of Shepard Fairey – ish type color scheme.

in addition….

here’s the “good” video that Gideon shared:

and here’s that whale story he shared at the end:

also, i did a painting awhile ago of that last whale story….


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2 Responses to 11/20 – Gratitude

  1. belladaniela says:

    Wow, I’m totally blessed by the first painting. It really spoke to me. Thank-you. Sometimes (lots of times) I forget how small I am and how unrightfully demanding I can be with God and how big and saving He is. Hey! Has that painting already been sold or is it even for sale?

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