8/7 Trust God For Justice

speaker: Jack Wisdom

listen to sermon

Continuing in lessons from Proverbs series, Jack talked about Justice from his experience as a police officer and a lawyer. A very surprising perspective/opinion I must say. Didn’t see that coming….

As for the paintings…. well….. they’re different than i usually do. when i talked to jack, i instantly got this image of a skeleton in a coffin with a heart alive and shining. it’s a weird image… and not anything jack talked about (except the integrity of heart part). but oh well…. i waited and prayed through it and it was the image i felt i should make.

i’m not in charge of what God does with the image. I’m just being asked to be obedient.

below are the other variations of the painting throughout the 5 services over the weekend. and yes, all these 3ftx4ft paintings were made in under and hour.



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