7/17 – Pre-Eminence

speaker: Leroy Barber                scripture: Colossians 1:1-5, Colossians 2

The Pre-Eminence of Jesus – Listen to sermon

This painting above was from the 1pm service. The one underneath is from the 530pm.

The other two from sunday morning were similar. after the 9am service i had a bunch of people come and ask if they could buy the paintings. i basically sold all the  services right after the 9am service…. which is fine, i don’t mind doing that. but it is a bit of a bummer that the rest of the people throughout the day don’t get a chance to buy a painting that they actually saw made. I might have to change my policy allowing the sale of the painting to be to someone who was at the service. everyone else gets on a wait list.

The Sunday paintings came out very different than the saturday night….

i still think that this image is a good fit with what Leroy preached on…. and this is what i saw praying all day on saturday. but as we were leaving that night Leroy said “i kept seeing an image of a glass overflowing”. over the night i kept thinking about it and the above paintings are what i ended up with.

they are surprisingly influenced by and artist i worked with as we were both waiting tables up in seattle. he used to design the menus ever season and he had a really distinct style.

i’ve never done paintings like this before. started with a grey tone palette and then added light blue outlines to all the shapes. then came back with some more blue colors.

it turned out very cool in my opinion. one nice thing about doing 5 paintings over the weekend is that it’s amazing practice hours. often when i’m doing something i’ve never done before, after 4 versions of it i get better and better.

i appreciate the time i get to paint.



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