6/5 – Rebuild

speaker: Mitzi Mak                              scripture: Isaiah 58

Mitzi did an awesome job talking about the call of Isaiah 58 through the lens of her life. Very inspiring. Very challenging.

The art was inspired by the work of Kofie One, legendary street artist. I was up in my studio praying before the Saturday night service and i felt compelled to go through the juxtapose magazine i had on my desk. i saw a kofie one image and then the image came to me. the world “rebuild” is in there, but otherwise the meaning of the painting kind of lost me for a while. it wasn’t till the one o’clock service that i started to see that the whole layout looks a bit like a town landscape from an aerial view. and as mitzi was sharing about their move to Iraq, and how the passage talks about rebuilding the ruins of a city, i could see the connection.


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2 Responses to 6/5 – Rebuild

  1. Diana says:

    This is lovely. I worked for several years in a stained glass studio and your work reminisces stained glass design.

  2. Alexis Ward says:

    I LOVE this! Seriously, you just keep getting better and better. Thanks for the eye candy!

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