4/10 – St. Patrick Icons

Speaker: Chris Seay

Listen to sermon here

As we’ve been talking about heaven and hell, it naturally leads us to the conclusion that we must tell people about Jesus and the grace he is offering. But how do we do this? There are a lot of bad ways that this has been done. Most of them are trinkets that you can find at the Christian bookstore. Chris brilliantly points out that if you have to talk about the love of your life through a prop, then there is something wrong. We tell it through story, life, and love.

One of the best examples of this is in the life of St. Patrick. Part of this comes out of a book that Chris read (me too!) called The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George Hunter III. In it, George explains how within Patricks lifetime Ireland went from being the least christian settlement in the Roman empire to the most christian. How did they go about doing this? Well…. listen to the sermon or read the book.

As for the paintings, I decided I wanted to make my own Saint painting of Patrick. The above one is one I did over 3 services. The one below I did over that last 2 of the day.

Don’t know much about St. Patrick? Well here’s an almost true fun account of his life…


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2 Responses to 4/10 – St. Patrick Icons

  1. I love this. Thanks for spreading the word that St. Patrick isn’t just a reason for a party on March 17. He is truly a hero of our faith.

  2. Obsydian says:

    Yeah Right ! – Make St.Patrick as a Black Man !
    Real clever you smart arse & subversive clown !!
    I swear – you shall pay for your mischief,
    scumbag !
    Art exists to reflect TRUTH – & not your own subversive & warped interpretations of Reality !!
    F#@K YOU !

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