Hell part 2 – Mercy: Reconciling Hell and a Loving God

sunday 530pm

Speaker: Chris Seay           Scripture: Mt 7, Luke 12:8-12

Listen to Sermon

First of all I just really want to say how awesome these talks on Heaven and Hell have been. They have been very thought provoking and helping me a ton in my theology. This one is no different and Chris really nailed it out of the park.

If you notice each of the paintings is totally different. I was really struggling with the imagery for the verses on the unforgivable sin and the broad and narrow road passages. It was hard for Chris as well to get his words together as well. As I was praying throughout the morning I realized it was so difficult cause I was having to make up new imagery based on these ideas. I had nothing to draw on except old pictures I had seen about (at least) the broad and narrow road. example…

this is not one i had seen growing up but it makes the point. Its funny to me at least in protestantism how they have had fairly little visual culture in the church over the last few centuries, but how many modern protestant’s theology is based by religious art they have seen. the power of the image as been huge in very subtle ways.

so for me, i find myself in that struggle to try to make work that’s based on scripture. it’s not a “new way” of translating scripture. scripture is scripture. this isn’t any emergent art movement or anything. this is just trying to see what it’s saying (vague at many moments)…. and in this case on hell & heaven, these interpretations of these passages …. well, we don’t have any images for it.

In these paintings, basically no sin cannot be forgiven by Christ. That’s where we are all starting…. fully forgiven in him. so we all start from there…. but there are two roads. And if you want to hear about that…. listen to Chris’ sermon.

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