12/05 – Advent 1

speaker: Chris Seay



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2 Responses to 12/05 – Advent 1

  1. Seth Thomas says:

    I love this painting. Thanks for sharing, as always. I just started a new blog about living into the liturgical year and this week, I’m reflecting on the O Antiphon prayers. This painting reminds me of the prayer for Sunday, December 19, on the root of Jesse. I’m not sure all that Chris’ sermon included (I haven’t listened yet), but the prayer describes this amazing paradox of the God (root) of Israel becoming Christ (fruit), the one of Jesse’s line. I like how your painting has the tree growing out of the stump.

    Again, thanks. I really appreciate what you do. Blessings.
    (@sethjames & @goingliturgical)

    • scotterickson says:

      it is based on the root of jesse. i have a newborn and i unapologetically didn’t put a ton of info on these posts cause i didn’t have the time…. 🙂
      thanks for your comments!

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