10/24 – God’s Sovereignty

Speaker: Chris Seay

Scripture: James 4, Matt 6

The art was based off Chris’ talk which was awesome and you should just listen to the podcast.

The image is of an individual who is caught in between the different plans of life and God’s sovereignty. The bird is symbolic of the Matthew 6 reference. Crown… kingdom. (i think i’m breaking the art rules by telling you all this).

Probably the best word I got from the weekend was from a friend of mine at the church who is becoming a bit of a collector. He came up to me after the 5 o’clock service on Saturday and wanted to buy the painting. As we were talking he jokingly asked me if I was black in my former life cause he loved the way I portrayed the african american portrait. I said I liked to think I was. He then expressed his genuine gratitude for my portrayal of the african american in my paintings cause he felt like he didn’t see very many positive representations of the black portraiture in fine art. It meant a lot to him that I did that consistently in my art.

Personally, this is a great compliment. The truth about why I usually use the black figure is that I think it’s more aesthetically interesting and beautiful than lighter skin figures. Not a very profound reason but mine non the less.  Marquis’  comments though solidified in me that a filter I would like to install in my art making technique is that I would default to the black figure more than any other as my human representation. I like it. I’m good at it. Why wouldn’t I keep going with it?

That’s probably information you don’t care to know. But the journey of an artist and the journey of deciding how you make art is not something you can always decide for yourself… but it’s more about keep creating and see what just comes. I feel like the weekend was a good step forward in my own journey of solidifying my style or “significance” as a creator.

So yay to making 5 paintings a weekend in helping me with this journey.


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One Response to 10/24 – God’s Sovereignty

  1. Chris Seay says:

    It is amazing to experience the creative whirlwind of our weekends, and it means so much to see a physical representation of all that work in your 5 paintings.

    love u

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