9/5 – Sabbath Rest

11am painting

speaker: Dr. David Capes

It was Labor Day weekend and since we were all taking a break from laboring, Dr. Capes decided to talk about Sabbath rest.

It was an amazing talk about how we came to celebrate the sabbath, the lord’s day, and where our weekends came from.  God has given us a command and if we truly believe that He commanded it, how are we going to take it seriously and live it out in our society? I think that following this command is hugely counter cultural in a society that worships non-stop productivity.

Some elements about this painting.

The 7 is the Sabbath. The 8 is referencing and idea given to us by early church writer St. Barnabas about the New Day of Creation….highlighting the resurrection of Jesus… the day after Sabbath is the day of new creation. Our rest is in between those. The circle also highlights the sun and where the Jews determined the sun was in the sky to determine the start of the sabbath on friday night.

9am painting

530 service painting - fully painted gold

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