8/23 – suffering

11am service painting

speaker: Chris Seay

passage: James 1:1-18

I was speaking with some people after the 11 am service and they were telling me that it was their first time visiting. I kind of apologized saying that we are kind of in a painful funk right now with a lot of awful things happening in our community and all we know how to do is just be honest about it all. So we are unabashedly grieving currently.

The visitors told me that there was no apology needed. They appreciated the honesty and actually it was very relevant to their own journeys right now.

Suffering is just a part of life. Chris did a great job talking about our proper perspective and response to the hardships and sufferings that are going to occur in our lives.

1pm service painting

I started seeing the painting on Saturday when Chris told me what he was going to talk about.

The first version was horizontal….

Underneath was the word “suffer”…. that space is the space we can get stuck in and never get out of… never grow… never birth from. The bird flying out of that speaks to our journey through suffering… where we then are given the crown of wisdom.

I personally love this image. It’s definitely going to end up in the studio versions I do of these paintings.


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2 Responses to 8/23 – suffering

  1. Stacey Farrell says:

    I agree with you, Scott, about Chris’ message from the Scriptures being very comforting. It spoke to me personally, given the circumstances I am currently experiencing.

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