8/9 Study the Word

speaker: Chris Seay

passage: 1 Peter 2, 3

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Chris’s message was great. We talked on Saturday and he shared with me some thoughts about what he was going to talk about.

The strange thing is that the picture above came while I was painting the 9am service painting… which looks completely different. This is what the 9 was….

I’m not sure why I got a completely different pic in the morning. All I know is how to be obedient the best way I can. I did meet a guy after the 9 who came up and talked with me about the painting. He said it made him mad at first. He didn’t like the color scheme and he wasn’t sure what was going on (pretty strong feelings!). But he said there was a moment he “got it” and he ended up loving it. It turns out he travels all over the world and does bible translations. Who knows? Maybe it was for him….

But then for the rest of the services I did the tree at different stages.

Love the image.


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One Response to 8/9 Study the Word

  1. staciekop says:

    I LOVED this painting! Thanks for blessing us every week with your talent!

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