6/6 – Carry Each Other

Speaker: Chris Seay

Passage: Galatians 5:16-6:10

Sunday was an awesome gathering. Chris preached from Galatians…. speaking to the fact that the fruit of the spirit comes from belonging to Jesus, not from our endeavors to be more moral. And then in that fruit, we are to take care of those around us… bearing one anothers burdens. Read the passage. You’ll see what it says.

Then Chris was able to give us some really tangible ways to bear one anothers burdens – from helping a lady in our community with cancer who has no insurance to buying a laundry soap business for our friends in Argentina who work in the shanty towns. The community stepped up and there were many beautiful things that happened.

I didn’t get a chance to talk with Chris until that morning, but I felt that I was all prayed up when I got to ecclesia in the morning. We chatted and he shared what was on his heart about the Galatians passage and about how he wanted to encourage the community to step up to not just having a relaxing summer, but one that was involved with serving one another. As he was sharing this with me, I instantly saw a tree growing out of a pot. And when he talked about the Fruit of the Spirit coming out of a place of belonging in Christ, I saw that “belong” should be on the pot.

As I continued praying as I was setting up, I started to see that I should do hand prints in the leaves and that on top of the tree should be a building… something heavy that was being supported by the tree. Only later did it make sense to me that the hands were the fruit and it wasn’t until the first service started that I saw I should write “burdens” on the buildings. It all came together pretty awesome…. seeing that out of our belonging with Jesus we grow, produce fruit, and that fruit helps us carry each other. Nice.

Side note: the proceeds from people purchasing these paintings go to different things in the church. This sunday they went to the special offering we took during communion which was to support the different burdens that we were deciding to carry. I sold the 9 am painting instantly and ended up selling the 11 and the 1 before I had even made them. I thought this was pretty cool.

(Chris' message to LOST blogger Aaron in the Gospel According to LOST)

Lastly, a LOST blogger that Chris met at a few different LOST gatherings was in Houston on Sunday and decided to come by Ecclesia. He wrote an entry about it and it’s pretty inspiring to see that what we do is authtenically  renewing for those who join in our worship to Jesus. To check out his thoughts, CLICK HERE.


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