“I’ve got a dream job….. I take a lot of physical risks, and the reality is that I’m cold, wet, and scared a lot of the time. But I feel really privileged.”
Beare Grylls, interview in Outside Magazine, May 2010

You don’t often think that the people you see doing great things on TV are scared a lot of the time when they are doing it. I recently read The Blindside, and what I thought was interesting was the authors description of the fear that football players face when coming up against mammoths like Lawrence Taylor. You just see them on tv hitting each other. You don’t actually think about them being scared while they are playing the game – scared of being crushed, bruised, embarrassed, failing, or injured out of a job. Same with Bear Grylls on Man Vs. Wild. You just see him doing what he’s doing in the name of good television.  You don’t think that he would actually be scared jumping out of a plane, trenching through horrible landscapes, diving into frozen lakes, or eating live animals.  You just think he does it. But he is scared. Yet he still does it.

I appreciate this statement by Bear because I am embarking on things that I are exciting for me… but scare me as well. In fact everything big thing I’ve stepped into creatively has had fear involved. Often when I’m painting at a new event, I’m scared. But I do it. And it gets done….and something great comes out of it.

It’s just a good reminder today that fear is a sign that I should stop doing something that I yearn to do. It’s just a natural part of progressing forward.


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