5-30 | Pain and Community

acrylic on panel, 3ftx4ft, completed in 45 minutes

Speaker: Don Pieper

Passage: 1 Peter 2

Don shared with us about pain and how God walks through us during our pain. He used 1 Peter 2 to help us see the image of God building us up as a building comprised of living stones. we are those living stones…. being built into something great…. with Jesus as the cornerstone. We are meant to be together in trials. God is putting us together for a reason.

I received the image on Sunday morning as i was praying.  The image is of a stone building in the shape of a tree. We all experience pain, and we usually come together with that pain in tow. But God uses His peace and the community of believers as a way to renew that pain into something that can serve the world. I saw the tree and the building beforehand and i wasn’t quite sure why I was supposed to make the building into a tree form.  I get that it symbolizes growth, but Don hadn’t really shared anything that tied that in. The right at the end of his talk, we used a peach seed as an illustration that it needs to be buried in order for it to grow and produce fruit. At that point I was like “oh… that’s how it fits.” So i just went with it the other services.

One thing I would like to highlight is the interpretation that my friend Karen said she had. She said that as soon as I started painting, the Lord started to walk her through her life through each layer of the painting and pointing out ways in her life that she needed to change. She said she saw the stones as a kind of shield over the tree. That the tree was her and she was covering herself with too many shields and she wasn’t free to freely live. She said it was very healing for her. I bring this up just to point out that even when we think we “know” what the work is supposed to be, it doesn’t mean that the Spirit isn’t going to take it and deal with others in the way He would like them to see it. I’m always wary of saying what a painting “means” based on these experiences. I don’t want to deny peoples individual experience with the visual. My job is too just be obedient and make what I think we need to see. The interpretation lies with the inner conversation with the Spirit in the individual.


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