Easter Sunday – directions from the Living

Ecclesia has been maxed out on space for almost two years now. And in thinking about meeting for Easter, we knew there was going to be no way that everyone would fit at 2115 Taft. So after a long process, we were able to reserve Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park, Houston. It was a cloudy muggy morning but it eventually got sunny in the afternoon, which was great cause we planned on having a giant picnic and feeding around 1800 people (which we did). We invited and bused a lot of our homeless friends in from different places and were able to hang out together after the service and enjoy a meal together. It was awesome.

Robbie and the band killed it for music and Chris delivered an awesome message about how the resurrection of Jesus changes everything.

As for the paintings, I woke up early that morning to hear from the Lord what I should paint. I had felt compelled all week to do two paintings during the service, which considering I do 4 over 4 services, this was easy. I saw the first painting with the hand during my quiet time on Sunday morning. When I was reading through the scriptures on the resurrection, the one story that really stood out was when Jesus appears to Thomas and says “Reach here with your finger, and see My hands; and reach here your hand and put it into My side; and do not be unbelieving, but believing.” So this hand is Jesus’ hand…. the scars being our evidence for trust. All the symbols in there stand for different things….

bird- spirit, five points – cross, 7 – Completeness, – cube – new jerusalem/holy of holies, crown – kingdom, home – incarnation, chalice – blood, boat – call to discipleship

The other painting is pretty obvious… out of death rises life. Christ raises from the dead, overcoming death and presenting us with the gift of eternal life.

Chris and I briefly talked in the morning but maybe for like 5 minutes. I say this cause at the end of his sermon, unbeknownced to me, he read Maya Angelou’s “Rise”. I had already written “rise” at the bottom of the painting and was sitting down by the time he did this. It was a Spirit coordination that I had no control over.

I am often the one who gets to enjoy these little happenings. I trust that if I make myself available in humility and honesty that the Spirit will give me an image of what He wants us to see. And if whoever is speaking and playing music is doing that as well, then we will see something come together that we could have never planned on our own. Most people in the audience don’t know this is happening unintentionally/Intentionally…. so I just throw that out there to let you know that God is active in our gatherings if we get our petty productions out of the way and let Him lead.

This is often hard for people in “church service production” cause you would actually have to believe that Jesus is a moving, living person that you can listen too and be obedient too… as if He wasn’t dead but actually alive.

What a novel idea on Easter morning.


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2 Responses to Easter Sunday – directions from the Living

  1. Scott Ayres says:

    Wow.. Great pieces of art and so awesome that the Spirit lead you to paint the word RISE and you had no idea what Chris would say.. amazing God we serve..


  2. Lynette Korpita says:

    Thanks for sharing how the LORD is working in your ministry. I enjoyed seeing your paintings and reading about how the scriptures spoke to your heart in bringing the paintings to life. It is awe inspiring to be in on God’s movement in the human realm, isn’t it! Praise Him for HIs marvelous works!

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