3/21 | Non-Negotiable

speaker – jack wisdom

scripture – John 12, Phil 3

jacks sermon was on that the cost of being a disciple of jesus is non-negotiable. it’s awesome.

one thing i want to share about this painting is the symbols i am putting above the “cost”. to lose the prolifikness about myself, i’ll explain what they mean – the 5 points is the cross, the bird is the Spirit, the cube is a reference to the new jerusalem  described in rev 21, and the crown is the kingdom. so there you go.

The thing is… most everybody watching is NOT going to be able to decipher these symbols. interpreting a visual language is hard for most people and using cryptic symbols makes it all the more difficult. is this smart? don’t know. is it intentional? absolutely.

one thing that i hope to do in my art is have some of it be tangible for a larger audience but not totally understandable. i want it to have some mystery. why? cause i think this reflects the teachings of jesus. a lot of his teaching was in parables…. word pictures that he used to describe a concept or reality. if you’ve ever spent time reading these, i think that you can relate to the fact that a lot of these i don’t fully understand. jesus doesn’t have a straight approach to answering questions and describing things if you haven’t noticed. and only sometimes did he explain what his parables mean. most of them he left them up to deciphering. and that’s what’s amazing about them – because they don’t have detailed written in stone definitions, they have a wealth of play in what they are translating to us. it’s as if they are almost alive…. they bring new meaning in many different seasons of life.

i know in preaching, being cryptic is not always the best way to go. but maybe that’s what made jesus so popular, besides the miracles he performed. people kept coming back or wrestled with what he said cause it was spoken in way in which that needed to happen. I think God still speaks that way to us. he leads us with mysterious things and this forces us to seek the meaning. that seeking is the journey that transforms us.

i hope the art i make taps into that. i want it to have elements of not being understood fully. is it your right to understand everything? nope. so why expect that you should get everything being presented to you?

and i think as a challenge to others seeking to do art in live settings, is it okay if everyone doesn’t get what you just did? i think you need to be more concerned with creating what you know you need to create than making sure everyone “gets” what you did.

just my thoughts.



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One Response to 3/21 | Non-Negotiable

  1. Andrea says:

    So I some how stumbled on your blog and I am so happy I did. I attend ecclesia and really enjoy your art work during the services. I love art..I do not do much art now a days but I am a person that understands visuals like art more than speeches and sermons so having your paints there truly help me to better understand what God is speaking to us about. I just wanted to thank you for your dedication to Christ and using your gift. It truly is a gift for me every Sunday. So I would hopefully one day like to buy one of your paintings how wound I do that?

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