inspired by Erik Otto

I just recently read a post on facebook by Erik Otto, and artist I’ve been following for awhile. this is what he said:

“The precursor to success is almost always failure. Fail honorably. Stay calm and carry on.”

then someone commented on this and he responded….

No one is born the best, Regs. It’s all mileage. Keep at what you love to do and eventually you will naturally rise. Perceive mistakes as learning lessons and keep growing. I fail all the time, but I carry on before anyone notices. Or atleast I try.

This is so true.

Erik just recently finished a residency at the San Francisco Dump.

I love his statement about the show:

Artist Statement:
Regardless of religion, spiritual stand point or belief, we can all agree that we are only on this Earth for a short moment in time. Everything around us is temporary and life is what we make of it. Even the most horrible situations breathe new life and change into our existence. And, most importantly, our perception is our reality.

With this understanding, I remain positive during the most difficult trials as I know they are here not by coincidence, but for a purpose, and that one day they will pass.

Society has exploded into what it is today, leaving behind a wake of destruction. What began as the “American Dream” is now a place where the selfish and greedy thrive on the backs of the working class poor. All too often, the wrong people are in charge and, with mega-corporations more powerful than governments, the world has made a turn for the worse.

However the Internet, one of the few forms of free press left, has allowed us to do our own research on the so-called “powers that be” and spark communication with people from all backgrounds through an open forum, revealing similar stories and an awareness that this problem exists all over the world.

Today, one by one, people are refusing to keep control in the hands of the evil few and are empowering themselves by becoming part of the innovative and self-sustaining community we were meant to be. There is a shift occurring, and it is up to us to bring the power back to the people.

“The Last Shall Be First” is a statement regarding the largest group of people, who are on the bottom and fighting for survival but deserve more. It also refers to the origin of my artwork, because everything created for this show was made from the waste of others. As well it is the positive affirmation I most often find myself repeating when the troubles of the world seem far beyond my capacity.


It’s super inspiring for me who is doing a residency at a church right now. It makes me think about what I’m creating, how I’m doing it, who’s involved, and what are the underlying stories going on.

check out more of Erik’s work.


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