We were blessed with the preaching of Leroy Barber from Atlanta this weekend. He spoke on Phillipians 1 and talked about Paul was a fan of Jesus… and oh so courteously asked what are fan status with Jesus was.  Robbie was there and killed it as usual.

This image above i started seeing on saturday. it reminded me of a jeff soto painting, so i looked though some of his stuff to see the technical side of how he puts together his work. He’s great.  I sold two of these images and kept one for the wall.

The best part of the day is when the tribal king of nigeria showed up at the 11am service. Jeremy Wells met him on a southwest flight to houston and found out that their water situation was not good. we ended up sponsoring a well in his kingdom, which ended up being the second deepest well living water international has ever dug…. 850ft! but they struck water… and the well is serving over 100,000 people in nigeria. So he came over to say thankyou. it was awesome!


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