1/24/2010 – Righteousness Revealed

930am service

The Gospel According to Jesus

Passage: Romans 1

this was the second week in our series called the “gospel according to Jesus”. Basically chris (seay) is defuncting the belief that righteousness, as we find in romans 1, is often focused on our own morality – us trying to be moral – which is funny cause in romans, if you read, you find out the more we try to be moral the more we fail. The Law shows us how immoral we are. It’s only through faith and the transforming work of Jesus, can we be something new.  A better translation for righteousness is justice.  When something is wrong and we know it needs to be made right. Chris quoted many people yesterday but I thought this one by rick was the best in describing at what he was trying to get at…..

Rick McKinley
“Sometimes it seems as though we find two gospels in the New Testament–the gospel of Jesus and the
gospel about Jesus. The gospel of Jesus is usually taken to mean His announcement of the kingdom and
the life He embodied in His loving actions toward the world. The gospel about Jesus refers to his atoning
work on the cross and His resurrection, through which we can receieve the forgiveness of sin through our
faith and repentance.
“I believe, however, that the two are actually one gospel and that when we lose the tension that comes
from holding both together, we experience an unhealthy and unbiblical pendulum swing in our faith.
“If all we value is the salvation gospel, we tend to miss the rest of Christ’s message. Taken out of context of
the kingdom, the call to faith in Christ gets reduced to something less than what the New Testament
teaches. The reverse is also true: if we value a kingdom gospel at the expense of the liberating message of
the Cross and the empty tomb and a call to repentance, we miss a central tenet of kingdom life. Without
faith in Jesus, there is no transferring of our lives into the new world of the kingdom.”
•    Rick McKinley, This Beautiful Mess

11 am service painting

I started praying on Saturday but really didn’t get anything until Sunday morning. I was up early reading through romans 1 on my couch with some coffee. As I was quiet and waited I saw the image come to me. it was the hand of Christ in someone… showing the transformation inside…. But that inside transformation leaked out into the world around them. Righteousness was an inside and outside work.

crowded at the 11am service
When I got to church to setup, I started seeing the person as a Haitian child. In light of all the stuff with Haiti, I knew we had been raising money… so I asked chris if he was going to talk about Haiti. He said he was so I decided to go online and find four images of Haitian kids to represent in the four paintings that day. We ended up selling all the paintings and all proceeds went to our work in Haiti. We raised $2150 on the artwork alone.

1pm service painting

Their was a bit of process and performance in these paintings. I started with the writing “the gospel is righteousness revealed” on the board. As the first sone started I painted a hand reaching up to the heavens. When the first song was almost done, I flipped the board over and put a red dot in the hand showing that christs hand had come down to us.  Then the hand remained visible in the torso of the child I painted…. Showing christ’s redeeming work in us… and how that spurs us to justice in the world we live in.

530pm service painting

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