1/3/10 – Wisdom

Preacher today – David Capes

Scripture – Proverbs 3, James 1:5-8, 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

Music – Jillian Edwards

I started seeing this painting last night in bed as I was praying through the scripture and asking the Lord about what He wanted us to see. This is how it started….

The hand and the wound symbolize Jesus who is referenced as wisdom in the 1 Corinthians verse. I then painted the house over it to symbolize the place where we meet wisdom. The path to the left is full of confusion…. and then as we meet wisdom, she can lead us to a straight path where confusion becomes peace. Wisdom is also something that is given to us by the Lord if we ask for it.

So that’s a little summation of the painting. Had a good conversation with Capes about the whole process of how this works. It’s always a great joy to see the Holy Spirit bring all the elements together. I had no idea what Jillian was going to sing, and I had a brief 10 minute conversation with David yesterday about his sermon. But everything was awesome. For one who has been skeptical of services over the years, it’s been great to see that gathering can be a place that the Spirit meets us a moves in miraculous ways.

(9 am service painting)


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