Sunday 12/20/09

this mornings text was based out of Luke 1…. Mary’s Magnificant.

I started seeing this image on Saturday morning. the juxtaposing lines stood out the most. as sometimes happens, i wasn’t sure how this image was going to fit into all the stuff going on this morning – Advent Conspiracy updates, Whoopi Goldberg’s bashing of AC, AC videos from Peru and India, Marcello speaking and sharing about his work in Argentina.  But of course it did fit in Marcello shared about the women in Jesus’ lineage and a specific woman who’s life has been transformed by Jesus in their community. This woman is now taking in orphans in Buenos Aires.
There is a passage in Luke 1 where mary says, “He has brought down the mighty from their thrones, and has lifted up the humble.” This is what i wrote on the surface before i started painting. this is what is peaking through on her face. Humility is a key to involvement in the work of God.
For 530 service, the painting changed a bit….

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