Job Description

When I came to Ecclesia to be there artist in residence, they asked me to write my own job description. Side note – could this get any better?  But kind of intimidating, yes? I’ve never done anything like this before nor do I know anyone who has done this either.  So I don’t really have anything to go on. Only what I can vaguely see in my head of what could be cool and only what I can see in my heart that I really want to try.  So I spent a couple days thinking, and this is what I cam up with……





The invitation to come and be a part of Ecclesia was to come and do what you do.  First and foremost, what I do is create.  My role in a community/body of Christ is that of a storyteller and creator.  I will work diligently to be obedient to my calling in the work that I do with the Ecclesia community, and as well as I what I know I am supposed to do as an artist.


Creating comes out of story and experience.  In this job, the stories and experiences I encounter will be in the context of the Ecclesia community.  I hope to lead in the visual interpretations of the journey this community experiences with Christ through:

-visual worship during our communal gatherings

-furthering visual storytelling and remembrance

-corporate art

-public art

-design assistance


As a body, we make up different parts and have different giftings.  Often in our culture, those who have been given the gift in the creative arts feel as though their abilities are of lesser value compared with others.  This is just not true.  Part of my work will be to:

-encourage the artists in the Ecclesia community

-pursue missional partnerships involving the arts

-build relationships with local artists.


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